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Shanghai Kelesi 2021 team building event concluded successfully

2021-04-24 00:00

– Work passionately, live happily, unite as one, and achieve greater success

Shanghai Kelesi 2021 team building event concluded successfully

April 24, 2021




The global epidemic is still spreading in 2021, but all employees of Kelesi are united and united, and have achieved gratifying results in the first quarter. Hereby, we have launched an event with the theme of "Passionate work, happy life, unity, and greater achievements". Team building activities. Since most of the overseas sales team are new employees, in order to relive the history of hard work of Kelesi, we chose Jinshan District, Shanghai as the destination for this team building.



This team building mainly involves revisiting the old factory of Kelesi and carrying out outdoor team building activities to stimulate the enthusiasm of all employees in the Shanghai office, enhance mutual cohesion, and at the same time let everyone feel the original intention and mission of Kelesi.

After arriving at the destination, veteran employees who had worked in Kelesi for nearly 10 years introduced us to the difficult years of Kelesi in the past. From 2008 to 2017, the first batch of Kelesi people worked in the old office of Zhangyan Town, Jinshan District, Shanghai. The factory adheres to the concept of "integrity, pragmatism, hard work, and persistence" and has made unremitting efforts for every board of Kelesi. It is precisely because a group of seniors at Jinshan Factory were not afraid of difficulties, united and worked hard, which laid a solid foundation for today's Kelesi to go global. In just 10 years, Kelesi has expanded from a small factory of 15,000 square meters to a large factory of 200,000 square meters today. From the original annual production capacity of a dozen cabinets to today's thousands of cabinets, from the original It only exports to South Korea, Taiwan, China, and now more than 30 countries and regions such as Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, the Middle East, Central Asia, and Southeast Asia. Here, we deeply feel our pride as Kelesi people, and at the same time, let us It has ignited our lofty admiration for the seniors of Kelesi. This activity of tracing the footprints of the old factory has enhanced the sense of responsibility and mission of all employees and inspired us to achieve greater success. We will use our fuller enthusiasm to Integrate into your work in a better state and make your own efforts for Kelesi to go global!



After the visit, we came to a farm paradise in Jinshan District, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We quietly felt the breath of spring here and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the park. Here we carried out "lap to the end", "giant steps", "jump" Team-building games such as "Long Rope" and "Throw the Handkerchief" and picking activities in the fields.






This game allows members of each team to communicate non-verbally, improves everyone's teamwork ability, increases the collective sense of honor, and at the same time allows everyone to relax mentally through the game.



Riding the wind and waves, forging ahead, a team is a whole, the whistle has sounded, the steps are coordinated, aim at the goal, and experience a different journey!



The aroma of green grass is refreshing, and you can enjoy the fruits gifted by nature, pick and visit the garden happily, and laugh and laugh one after another.



Through carefully designed and planned field entertainment activities, the team's enthusiasm was stimulated. In the alternating games, team members cooperated with each other, trusted each other, and worked together. Through this team-building activity, the tacit understanding between employees was enhanced. It improves the innovative collaboration and cohesion capabilities between teams, cultivates a good mentality and competitive ability, and gains a sense of accomplishment and collective honor from team collaboration.

The visit to the old factory of Lesi and the field team-building activities ended with everyone’s laughter. Life is full of countless unknowns. It is better to chase the wind than to wait for it to come. With the courage to break through themselves and never set limits, with the original intention and mission of Kelesi, all employees in the Shanghai office will definitely work more closely and collaboratively in the future to achieve greater success!